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18 mars 2019

Heure et lieu: 
11h, salle de réunion, bâtiment 210
Nom intervenant: 
Amandine Cornille
Ecological drivers and genomics bases of the aphid-apple-bacteria interaction in the context of domestication

Amandine’s research aims at unravelling the evolutionary forces underlying the adaptation of populations and the emergence of new species, using population genetics and genomics approaches combined with field experiments. She has studied both short and long evolutionary timescales (domestication and wild species divergence, respectively) to investigate the ecological factors and genomic processes underlying adaptation. Her research is now also moving toward the study of plant biotic interactions, which are fundamental to our understanding of biodiversity and adaptation; research over the past decades has indeed clearly demonstrated that interactions between species are major drivers of adaptive evolution. Amandine will present the main results of her past research on the apple domestication and the link with her starting project on the impact of apple domestication on the adaptation of a major apple aphid pest Dysaphis plantaginea (the rosy apple aphid) to the cultivated apple (Malus domestica).

Organisme intervenant: 
INRA - Université Paris-Sud - CNRS - AgroParisTech, Génétique Quantitative et Évolution
Date du jour: 
Lundi, Mars 18, 2019

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