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Titre du projet: 
Platform for integrating Animal Health in an operational Ontology Tool on Animal Livestock
Marie-Christine Salaün (Pegase, Inra)
Pégase (Rennes), Bioepar (Nantes), LPGP (Rennes), dépt SA (Val de Loire), GABI (Jouy), UMRH (Theix), MaIAGE (Jouy), GenPhySE (Toulouse)DEP (Rennes)
Année de fin: 
Dimanche, Décembre 31, 2017
Appel d'offre: 
Metaprogram Gisa

The aim of this project is to create a collaborative platform where researchers and animal health actors will interact and share actions for supporting a phenotype fine-grained description of the health status at the individual or herd level, in different farm animal species. The ultimate objective is to implement the Animal Trait Ontology for Livestock (ATOL) with health traits.
The ambitions of the P-AHOL project will to: i) create, through a consortium including scientists and stakeholders, a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach devoted to animal health; ii) identify health indicators related to production diseases; iii) co-build a referential tool for the assessment of health status of animals and herds in experimental units or R&D groups via ATOL ontology enlarged; and iv) promote the use of this more holistic ontology version by any users involved in the management, control and experimental approaches to facilitate the transfer of data between partners for phenotyping and to improve an integrated management of animal health. 

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