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Titre du projet: 
MetaFoldScan aims at developing a user-friendly interface -experimentally validated- to scan metagenomes and identify fold hits associated to a target protein structurally characterized and with an identified activity.
G. André-Leroux
V. Martin, S. Derozier, V. Loux, JM. Chatel, Nalini Rama Rao
Année de fin: 
Lundi, Décembre 31, 2018
Appel d'offre: 

Human gut microbiota clusters more than 1,000 different species of bacteria. Balanced biodiversity of microbiote associates with healthy patients whilst imbalance correlates with dysbiosis and defective host-microbial interactions. Among adequate interactions, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii secrete bioactive peptides derived from Microbial Anti-inflammatory Molecule (MAM) whose expression blocks the inflammation pathway. Conversely, bacteria sustain Mutation Frequency Decline (Mfd) to repair DNA in response to host chemical secretion. Freshly, Mfd reports essentiality in bacterial virulence. Despite these promising properties, microbiome is underexploited and microbiota-based high value products remain scarce. One bottleneck is the lack of molecules that specifically drive probiotic responses. Because protein fold is endurable and strongly indicates its function, accurate prediction of proteins folded identically to a relevant target, despite distant sequence, is highly valuable. Thus we compute a predictive solution dedicated to wide-genomes screening and identification of hits, structurally homologous to protein targets. Such wide-genomes scanning to detect fold is nonexistent. MetaFoldScan project associates 1.1 and 2.4 MEM sub-axis to integrate in Galaxy a suite of tools able to fish, among ecological systems, structural homologs of target protein. Promising competitors Mfd and MAM are chosen for set up. Their in silico structural hits will be experimentally tested.

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