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André-Leroux Gwenaëlle



Email : gwenaelle.andre-leroux@inra.fr


Adresse : INRA - Unité MaIAGE
                   Bâtiment 233
                   Domaine de Vilvert
                   78352 JOUY-EN-JOSAS CEDEX
Tél : +33 (0)1 34 65 22 64

I work as a structural computational biologist at Inra, on the Campus of Jouy-en-Josas, in MaIAGE: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, from Genome to Environment. This lab is headed by Dr. S. Schbath, and has a co-sharing divisions of MIA (Applied Mathematics and Informatics) and MICA (Microbiology and Food Chain). I belong to the StatInfoMics team headed by Dr. P. Nicolas. My interests deal with computational screening of whole genomes and metagenomes to infer proteins structures and functional annotations. I have special focus on proteins of the gut microbiome which are involved in biomedical properties such as host-pathogen or anti-inflammatory signaling. It is mainly prokaryotic signaling through phosphorylation and dephosphorylation events, mediated by protein Ser/Thr kinases and protein Tyr phosphatases, respectively. Also, it can be eukaryotic signaling with the study of odor Receptor that belong to the G-coupled Protein Receptor GPCR family. For all my projects, i combine structural and computational bioinformatics, molecular modeling expertise, X-ray crystallography skills, with in vitro/in vivo data from my collaborators, whose methods span biophysics, biochemistry, cellular biology, neurobiology, and immunology.



Main collaborations

  • Faculdad de Ciencias, Montevideo, Uruguay. Coll. A. Villarino & M. Berois. Inra MaIAGE M. Mariadassou. Projet Ecos-Sud Uruguay 2015: Characterization of the Tyrosine -phosphatase of the intracellular pathogen ORF-virus.

  • Institut Pasteur, Structural Microbiology Unit, Dir. Prof. P. Alzari. Coll. P. Alzari, M.N. Lisa. Structural and functional characterization of PknG and PknB, essential Ser/Thr protein kinases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. http://www.pasteur.fr/en/research/structural-biology-chemistry/units-gro....

  • Institut de Pharmacologie et de Biologie Structurale, Coll. H. Marrakchi & M. Daffé. Toulouse.  Structural and functional characterization of enzymes responsible for the biogenesis and degradation of mycolic acids in M. tuberculosis.

  • Institut Pasteur, Human genetics and Cognitive Functions Unit,  Dir. Prof. T. Bourgeron. Coll. I. Cloez-Tayarani. Towards structural insights on CNTN6 and Shank3.



2004-2012 Detached at Institut Pasteur Paris, Structural Microbiology Unit.

2000-2004 CR2 Inra Nantes, BIA.

1999-2000 Cornell University, NY USA. Visiting assistant in Brady's lab https://foodscience.cals.cornell.edu/people/j-brady

1998 Inra, Nantes. PhD in Molecular Modeling, docking studies on Barley alpha-amylase.


Scientific Production 2010-2017*

* Segovia, D., Haouz, A., Porley, D., Olivero, N., Martinez, M., Mariadassou, M., Berois, M., André-Leroux, G., Villarino, A. OH1 from Orf virus: a new tyrosine phosphatase that displays distinct structural features and triple substrate specificity. Journal of Molecular Biology, 26, 429 (2017).

* A. Collucia, G. La Regina, N. Barilone, M.N. Lisa, A. Brancale, G. André-Leroux, P.M. Alzari, Silvestri, R. Structure-based virtual screening to get news scaffold inhibitors of the Ser/Thr Protein Kinase PknB from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Letters in Drug Design and Discovery, 2016, 13 (10) : 1012-1018.

* N. H. Le, V. Molle, N. Eynard, M. Miras, A. Stella, F. Bardou, S. Galladrin, V. guittet, G. André-Leroux, M. Bellinzoni, P. Alzari, L. Mourey, O. Burlet-Schiltz, M. Daffé, H. Marrakchi. Ser/Thr Phosphorylation regulates the Fatty Acyl-AMP ligase Activity of Fad32, an Essential Enzyme in Mycolic Acid Biosynthesis. J. Biol. Chem. 2016 oct 21; 291 (43): 22793-22805.

* O. Mercati, G. Huguet, A. Danckaert, G. André-Leroux, A. Maruani, M. Bellinzoni, T. Rolland, L. Gouder, A. Mathieu, J. Buratti, F. Amsellem, M. Benabou, J. Van-Gils, A. Beggiato, M. Konyukh, J.P. Bourgeois, M.J. Gazzellone, R.K. Yuen, S. Walker, M. Delépine, A. Boland, B. Régnault, M. Francois, T. Van Den Abbeele, A. L. Mosca-Boidron, L. Faivre, Y. Shimoda, K. Watanabe, D. Bonneau, M. Rastam, M. Leboyer, S. W. Scherer, C. Gillberg, R. Delorme, I. Cloëz-Tayarani, T Bourgeron. CNTN6 mutations are risk factors for abnormal auditory sensory perception in autim spectrum disorders. Mol Psychiatry. 2016 May 10. doi: 10.1038/mp.2016.61.

* M. N. Schroeder*, M. V. Tribulatti*,J. Carabelli, G. André-Leroux, J. J. Caramelo, V. Cattaneo  & O. Campetella. Characterization of a double-CRD-mutated Gal-8 recombinant protein that retains costimulatory activity on antigen-specific T cell response. 2016, Biochemical Journal 473 (7) 887-898.

* M. N. Lisa, M. Gil, G. André-Leroux, N. Barilone, R. Duran, R.M Biondi  & P.M Alzari. Molecular basis of the activity and the regulation of the eukaryotic-like S/T protein kinase PknG from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Structure. 2015 Jun 2;23(6):1039-48.


* M. Nefla, L. Sudre, G. Denat, S. Priam, G. Andre-Leroux, F. Berenbaum, C. Jacques. The Pro-inflammatory Cytokine s14-3-3e is a ligand of CD13/Aminopeptidase N in Cartilage. J Cell Sci. 2015 24. jcs 169573.


* E. Abi-Khalil, D. Segond, T. Terpstra, G. André-Leroux, M. Kallassy, D. Lereclus, F. Bou-Abdallah, C.E. Nielsen-Leroux.  Heme interplay between IlsA and IsdC: two structurally different interface proteins from Bacillus Cereus. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Sep;1850(9):1930-41.


* A. Le Grand, G. André-Leroux G, G. Marteil, H. Duval, O. Sire, V. Le Tilly. Investigating the in vitro Stability and Conformational Flexibility of Estrogen Receptors as Potentiel Key factors of their in vivo Activity. Biochemistry. 2015 Jun 30;54(25):3890-900.


* M. Bellinzoni, A. Haouz, I. Miras, S. Magnet, G. André-Leroux, R. Mukherjee, W. Shepard, S. Cole & P.M Alzari. Structural studies suggest a peptidoglycan hydrolase function for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Tat-secreted protein rv2525. J Struct Biol. 2014 Nov;188(2):156-64

* M. Lucas-Hourani, D. Dauzonne, P. Jorda, G. Cousin, A. Lupan, O. Helynck, G. Caignard, G. Janvier, G. André-Leroux, N. Escriou, P. Desprès, Y. Jacob, H. Munier-Lehmann, F. Tangy and Pierre-Olivier Vidalain.. Inhibition of Pyridimine Biosynthesis Pathway Suppresses Viral Growth Through Innate Immunity.Plos Pathogens e1003678.


* O. Mercati, A. Danckaert, L Gouder, G. André-Leroux, M. Bellinzoni, K. Watanabe, Y. Shimoda, R. Grailhe, F. de Chaumont, T. Bourgeron and I. Cloez-Tayarani. Contactin4, -5, -6 differentially regulate neuritogenesis while they display commun PTPRG binding sites. Biology 2013 2(3) : 324-34.


* E. Huillet, M. H. Tempelaars, G. André-Leroux, P. Wanapaisan, L. Bridoux, S. Makhzami, W. Panbangred, I. Martin-Verstraete, T. Abee and D. Lereclus. PlcRa, a new quorum-sensing regulator from Bacillus cereus, plays a role in oxidative stress responses and cysteine metabolism in stationary phase.  Plos One 2012 7(12): e51047.

J. Piton, S. Petrella, M. Delarue, G. André-Leroux, V. Jarlier, A. Aubry and C. Mayer. Structural Insights into the quinolone resistance mechanism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA gyrase. PlosOne. 2010:18, 5-8

Chapitres d'ouvrages:

M. Martinez, P. M. Alzari and G. André-Leroux, 2013Signalling mechanisms in Procaryotes, Chapter Book intitled ‘Bacterial Membranes : Structural and Molecular Biology’- edited by H Remaut and R. Fronzes, under printing in Horizon Scientific Press.


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